Episode Guide to RICH VERNADEAU’s Daily Talk, Researcher135’s Community Call on TalkShoe.com

DAILY TALK, RESEARCHER135’S COMMUNITY CALL EPISODE GUIDE: Episode 1: 3/7/15 Becky Marie Glacken Buchko Johnstown Flood 1889 Episode 2: 3/14/15 Jeffrey Wolfe Entrepreneur, Anti-Ebay Activist Episode 6: Dan of X-S Clobber (online selling site) Episode 7: 4/4/15 Chris Dalton STAR TREK expert Episode 8: 4/11/15 Gwedolyn Rose, reincarnation, past lives Episode 11 4/25/15 TRUE CRIME, Serial Killers Episode 12 5/9/15 Jeff Schleede Vangoe.com Episode 13 5/16/15 Dan Patrick, eCommerce Professor Episode 14 6/6/15 Becky Marie Glacken Buchko Johnstown Flood Episode 16 6/20/15 JFK Assassination, Gayle Nix Jackson, Jake Carter Episode 19 7/11/15 Lawrence Cenotto, Author, World Traveller 7/18/15: Henry Baxley on birth order, family constellation 7/25/15: Ecommerce professor Dan Patrick 8/1/15: Laurie Regan, author 8/8/15: Paul and Jude Ponton 8/15/15: Michael-Katherine Murder-Suicide 8/22/15: Liard Hot Springs Black Bear Attack 8/29/15: Becky Buchko on Pandora’s Box of Love 9/19/15: Gwebdolyn Rose 9/26/15: Jeff Schleede of Vangoe.com 10/3/15: Rich Vernadeau 10/10/15: Jeffrey Wolf 10/17/15: Courtney Starkey 10/24/15: David Pearson of Toucandeal.com, Jeff Schleede of Vangoe.com 10/31/15 Nels Rasmussen, Donya Wicken 11/7/15: Joel Henry Dream Interpreter, Astrologer 11/14/15: Gayle Nix Jackson, Jake Carter, JFK assassination


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