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DAILY TALK, RESEARCHER135’S COMMUNITY CALL EPISODE GUIDE: Episode 1: 3/7/15 Becky Marie Glacken Buchko Johnstown Flood 1889 Episode 2: 3/14/15 Jeffrey Wolfe Entrepreneur, Anti-Ebay Activist Episode 6: Dan of X-S Clobber (online selling site) Episode 7: 4/4/15 Chris Dalton STAR TREK expert Episode 8: 4/11/15 Gwedolyn Rose, reincarnation, past lives Episode 11 4/25/15 TRUE CRIME, Serial Killers Episode 12 5/9/15 Jeff Schleede Vangoe.com Episode 13 5/16/15 Dan Patrick, eCommerce Professor Episode 14 6/6/15 Becky Marie Glacken Buchko Johnstown Flood Episode 16 6/20/15 JFK Assassination, Gayle Nix Jackson, Jake Carter Episode 19 7/11/15 Lawrence Cenotto, Author, World Traveller 7/18/15: Henry Baxley on birth order, family constellation 7/25/15: Ecommerce professor Dan Patrick 8/1/15: Laurie Regan, author 8/8/15: Paul and Jude Ponton 8/15/15: Michael-Katherine Murder-Suicide 8/22/15: Liard Hot Springs Black Bear Attack 8/29/15: Becky Buchko on Pandora’s Box of Love 9/19/15: Gwebdolyn Rose 9/26/15: Jeff Schleede of Vangoe.com 10/3/15: Rich Vernadeau 10/10/15: Jeffrey Wolf 10/17/15: Courtney Starkey 10/24/15: David Pearson of Toucandeal.com, Jeff Schleede of Vangoe.com 10/31/15 Nels Rasmussen, Donya Wicken 11/7/15: Joel Henry Dream Interpreter, Astrologer 11/14/15: Gayle Nix Jackson, Jake Carter, JFK assassination



Ebay Horror Stories: True Experiences

UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES, SIDE EFFECTS OF EBAY ELIMINATING SMALL SELLERS: Nationwide, thousands upon thousands of American citizens from all walks of life and all economic strata began to purchase and accumulate items to sell on eBay. Many of them who started early on, during the golden years of eBay (1995-2005 roughly), did a fairly brisk business and sold hundreds or thousands of items (depending upon how deeply they got into it) and operated on the premise that the gravy train would continue. Ebay had led them to believe that it would. Then in 2008, John Donahoe took over and decided that he wanted the “name brand” corporate big box retailers such as JC Penney, KMart, Toys R Us, Levi’s, etc. selling on eBay instead of the average American citizen. And he proceeded to enact policies and actions that began the wholesale purging of thousands of small sellers, something that has accelerated…

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Evil Bay – The Bane of my Current Existence

Ranty's Rant Shanty

OMG! People.  This is going to be lengthy so grab a bag of potato chips and a beverage of your choice.

Where do I start?

I’ve recently been getting ready to retire in a few years and have been going through all of my different collections of various things.  I sat, staring at the plethora of items I have amassed over the years and a light bulb went off.  I thought, “Hey!  I’ll sell all my stuff on eBay and make bank!

I went along for 30 days, semi-joyously, thinking I was going to make a cool 10 grand when all was said and done.  I was selling things at lighting speed.  Then another light bulb went off.  “Hey”, I thought, “Maybe I’m not asking enough money for this stuff”.  I finally figured out that I could do a search on eBay for sold items of a similar nature and lo…

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